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The following counties have exception to this law: McDowell, Logan, Wyoming, and Mingo. Some groups are just trying to allow crossbows to be legal for disabled hunters. Missouri's Department of Conservation contains all the crossbow laws for the state. For Iowa hunting season dates, click here. A hunting/sporting license. Your email address will not be published. 4 Answers. Montana only allows the use of crossbows during gun seasons. Otherwise, crossbows are legal during the late muzzleloader season. NOTE: This article is a guide to help point you in the right direction. Crossbow device A person with a permanent inoperable upper extremity disability who has lost the use of one or both upper extremities, or who has a permanent inoperable upper-extremity physical limitation which severely impairs their ability to safely hold, grasp, or operate a traditional hunting device. You can hunt with a crossbow in Tennessee during all hunting seasons. Crossbows are NOT LEGAL in Oregon currently, however there are groups trying to push changes to this law. Source: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Right now Washington has changed the regulations to some extent. I will provide information that will help you figure out if crossbows are legal in your country or state. Source: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Crossbows. are scopes legal? I’m hunting Ontario which has a minimum draw length of 11.9″ . You'll be able to find all of the information you need to know in this article. You have probably seen them … We have a really small backyard and were in townhouses and we just moved in December of 2019. Recommended Articles. Review the following pieces of information to learn more about crossbow hunting in Arizona. Missouri allows hunters to use crossbows legally during the archery deer and turkey seasons. Source: Wyoming Game & Fish Department. New Hampshire crossbow laws allow for hunters to hunt deer in their firearms season, but you must purchase a crossbow hunting permit. Crossbows are legal in Alaska as long as the hunt or area does not restrict crossbows. Again, there may be further restrictions applied during these seasons such draw weights and the use of scopes. Archery hunters across the state will be in their deer stands Saturday, October 3, for the first day of Pennsylvania’s statewide archery deer season. For some other states, crossbows are only allowed in bow hunting seasons. The following stipulations are added for crossbow hunters: Crossbows are legal to hunt with in Florida. I live in Cockeysville, MD in a row of townhouses. State laws differ on their stance about crossbow hunting Of all states, Oregon completely bans the use of crossbow – both for felons and non-felons. New crossbow laws and regulations were setup for New York back in 2014. Here are our picks for the best states for crossbow hunting in the West, but first a little background. Watch out for the Current Season. Handicapped hunters are allowed to use crossbows in South Dakota during archery season. Each state has its own regulations and laws when it comes to crossbow hunting for deers. During Vermont's 2016 archery season 1,110 deer were reported killed with a crossbow, according to the state's Deer Project leader. Arkansas allows crossbows during archery seasons and have very few limitations which are: Source: Arkansas Game And Fish Commission Hunting Guidebook. The laws concerning the use of crossbows in hunting varies from a complete ban in Oregon to Georgia's allowance of crossbows during any season. Need to know their state laws on possession and use of crossbows. Whether it’s legal to use laser scopes or not. Of all states, Oregon completely bans the use of crossbow – both for felons and non-felons. The regulations stem from legislation first introduced by Senator Gallivan in 2012. You must successfully complete the Bow Hunter course and also make sure you have an archery deer permit. H.713 188th (2013 - 2014) An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting. Check for more information and a list of classes. Big game hunters who are aged 12 to 29 have to be certified in Nebraska's Bowhunter Education. Source: Wisconsin DNR. Crossbow hunting is legal in Colorado during all gun seasons. A new law began January 1, 2020 and lasts through December 31, 2022, which expands crossbow hunting to the Regular October Archery Season on deer and during the Fall Wild Turkey Hunting Season. Crossbow hunting in Maine is legal to anyone 16 years or older, as long as you have a valid big game hunting license or an archery license. No size restrictions. US Regulations Canada Regulations Here are some requirements: During the archery season, only physically handicapped hunters with a permit from the Iowa DNR, or residents 70 years of age and older can use a crossbow. * Some crossbow laws are different at the country, state, and sometimes even down to the county or city level. 3. Feel free to use the table of contents below to quick jump to your state. It’s not just about learning whether you can use a crossbow in a specific state, but also about other different things such as: And many more. Although some states do not permit crossbow hunting, almost all have made an exception for those with a … If you didn't see your country listed here, don't worry! Two big changes occurred that year. Please refer to your state's crossbow regulations before hunting. Crossbows legal for handicapped hunters on a very restrictive permit basis, or for anyone … Each Canadian province has set their own rules about crossbow legality. You cannot hunt any wild bird, including turkey, with a crossbow in Rhode Island.​ Source: Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. There are a few stipulations if you're hunting deer or turkey: It is legal to hunt with crossbows in Georgia. You can use crossbows to hunt in Texas during archery seasons. They even include phone numbers to state officials if you need more clarification regarding what the crossbow laws are in your state. Crossbows are allowed in Oklahoma for hunting under the same rules as conventional archery bows. Crossbow hunting in Pennsylvania got a boost in 2009. It is legal to use a crossbow in Alabama but with the following exceptions: Source: Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Must check state laws on the possession and use of crossbows when traveling interstate. State Laws on Crossbow Ownership. setTimeout( Happy hunting! Visit Kentucky's Fish And Wildlife Resources page for more information regarding the type of game you like to hunt. Washington has a slightly stricter disability clause than other states, requiring hunters to have a permanent, non-operable upper extremity disability, signed off by a physician. Print the certificate at the bottom of the page. Crossbows are legal in Rhode Island during the archery deer season. Crossbows may not be used under the following conditions: To take deer or bear in the following areas of the state: Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 4J in Albany County; WMU 8C in Monroe County; In the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, or Westchester; Junior big game hunters (age 14-15) may not use a crossbow to take a deer during the Youth Deer Hunt weekend. Whenever you are not sure of something, or if you’d like to find out more about crossbow hunting regulations in a certain state and if you were not able to find the answer here, please leave a comment below and we will respond within 12 hours to every single request. Last week Maine Governor Janet Mills expanded hunting opportunities in her state by signing into law Legislative Document 27 (LD 27), "An Act to Allow the Use of a Crossbow for a Limited Duration during the Archery Season on Deer and the Fall Season on Wild Turkey." Also, if you're 60 years of age or older, you have expanded rights. The fact that federal law allows felons to own crossbows doesn't mean that this is the case in every state. ALABAMA – LEGAL. I feel that this new law is a step in the right direction, with crossbows having full inclusion in the firearm seasons in 26 states and legal during archery and firearms seasons, in some capacity, in 23 other states, the time for Maine to progressively move forward and allow the use of crossbows during the October archery season and the fall season on wild turkey makes sense. Crossbow Hunting Restriction. The law allowing crossbow use across the state is not perfect. If you have a disability and are unable to participate in hunting with a rifle, then you are allowed to hunt with a crossbow. This would permit the use of a crossbow during the entire deer bow season in all counties. Each state has its own laws regulating hunting requirements and the hunting season. Crossbow Anonymous. [CDATA[ if (window.addEventListener){ window.addEventListener("message", function(event) { if( >= 22) { if(, 22) == "__MM-LOCATION.REDIRECT") location =; } }, false); } else if (window.attachEvent){ window.attachEvent("message", function(event) { if( >= 22) { if (, 22) == "__MM-LOCATION.REDIRECT") location =; } }, false); } Must carry a copy of any required permits at all times, while in possession of, carrying or using, a crossbow. Firearms must be unloaded in the barrel, and all arrows must be in a quiver when a hunter is afield outside the legal hunting hours. This is a permanent permit – you will never be able to switch back to conventional archery equipment. Are the CB laws the same across the board, despite your intention for hunting, not as a weapon etc,.? Crossbows in Ohio are legal during the archery season. Crossbows are currently allowed in most areas of the state during the last 11 days of the Northern Zone bowhunting season and the last two weeks of the Southern Zone season -- … etc. timeout NOTE: Crossbows are not legal to use on big game during the archery season. Read here for more info: New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Source: Georgia Wildlife Regulations Guide. can I use a crank? The following are crossbow requirements in Kentucky: Source: Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife. California does not recognize crossbows as archery equipment, but categorizes them similar to guns and are legal during gun seasons. Your email address will not be published. Washington State Pistol Crossbow Laws? Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Washington. The fact that federal law allows felons to own crossbows doesn't mean that this is the case in every state. Handicapped hunters with a permit have expanded rights in New Hampshire. Otherwise, crossbows are limited to those who have a documented disability, or those 62 years or older. Highlights of their regulations include: Minimum draw weight of 30 pounds; Mechanical broadheads are legal; Arrow must be a minimum of 20 inches long; Any sort of magnified aiming device is illegal; Lighted nocks are legal; Idaho. Crossbow Laws And Regulations – Are Crossbows Legal In My State Or Country? Crossbow Deer Hunting States. Longbows, compound bows, or recurved bows. Crossbows are legal in Kansas during archery deer seasons. A crossbow can only be used in Arizona for hunters who have been deemed to have a physical disability stopping them from hunting with a normal bow, under law R12-4-216. //

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