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(to, "I'm going to knock the world into despair. Hell yes! Junko means \"shield\" coupled with \"child\", while Enoshima can literally mean \"island of the bay\", or refer to the island in the Kanagawa prefecture. ", "Maybe it's new to your dumb ass, but it bores me to tears! ", "As the story goes, the older sister who boasted great physical strength was, "I killed her because I had reasons that ran deeper than the ocean! ", "I mean, when the order... ...you spent so long building... ...is ultimately swallowed by chaos! She believed that she and him were destined for each other and a perfect match for spreading despair together, occasionally acting like an overly enthusiastic fan and flirting with him in a joking manner, though he is completely unresponsive and uninterested to this. I wanted to dye the world in this glorious despair! High quality Junko Enoshima gifts and merchandise. Junko appears to be the only person Monaca genuinely cared about. While Mukuro cared deeply for her younger sister, Junko had absolutely no love for her sister and sees her as a tool to do her bidding, while at the same time behaved towards Mukuro in a derogatory manner. The truth's fuckin' lame, anyway. Despite not being identical twins, Junko and her older twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba share several physical characteristics. ", "Puhuhu... Puhuhuhu! It should be noted that even though she claims despair is the great unknown, in the end, the road of despair went exactly the way she had planned. During her time at Hope's Peak Academy, she instead wore a set of hair slips of a cute bunny and a large red and white bow. Junko monitored her progress, treating Chiaki's punishment as a virtual game, and commentated on her movements. English As the trial carries on, Makoto, Kyoko, and Byakuya appear in the game and Junko's full plans are revealed to the cast. She manipulated people into falling madly in love with her and used their weaknesses, their despair, against them. ", "Your brains are like sponges, all drippy and leaky. (to, "Only the fit survive in this world. As Junko began to visibly enjoy her situation, the alarms activated and Izuru was prompted to knock her out. She then left the school grounds, the Reserve Course students trailing behind her, shielding herself from the rain with an umbrella. The link below leads to a full transcript and in-depth guide for Junko Enoshima's route in Ultimate Talent Development Plan. The council refused even after Junko unveiled tapes that have their parents' scandals on them. Prior to the Despair Incident, she was responsible for the deaths of several other students, including one member of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee and Isshiki Madarai. Her Ultimate ability in the Japanese version is Gyaru; this is a Japanese way of pronouncing the English word \"girl\". Danganronpa: The Animation - Episode 12 When he woke up, all of the files were gone. Description: 1.It is made of high quality materials and durable. 5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 reviews $ 28.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Junko Enoshima 3" sticker DvaSempai. Every living person will be dead in hundred years anyway, so the world ending isn't that big a deal. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc I put so much effort into creating hope in order to feed your despair and make it grow...", "Okey dokey! ", "Puhuhu. Mukuro posed among the students as Junko herself and the original plan was to have her trapped in the dungeon in order to "set an example" for the students not to directly rebel against Monokuma. However, paradoxically, it was also indicated that Junko did truly love her sister and that all of her horrible treatment of her was to make her feel despair, which Junko considered to be a loving act. ♑ December 24 As a result of this, Junko actually manages to escape classification as a true sociopath, since they are defined by a complete inability to form emotional connections with others. The stupid way you all treat each other! ", "Junko would make the impossible possible just to bring about despair. If I do it with things familiar to you, doesn't it feel much scarier? Japanese (to, "Giving me that scary look is pointless. ", "I feel despair upon despair and despair toward despair...", "Time for the Ultimate Fashionista to appear! She then decided to break her own rules and stage a murder by using Mukuro's body. She also began to broadcast everything as a TV program for the public to enjoy and fall into despair. Despite their closeness, even Junko didn't seem to know that she was only faking her disability. She planned to use the graduation ceremony to upload her own AI into the comatose bodies which would effectively revive her in their bodies and to also keep the members of the Future Foundation locked in the game forever as she is the one that must allow a student to graduate. Despair into your memories! Do you think I might be sick?". She was the mastermind of all killing games. ", "There is no hope left in the world. He justified the moral discrepancies by saying it could be used in a beneficial way, as Junko began to see it as something she could use to her advantage. Junko's true talent allows her to quickly analyze her surroundings with near superhuman speed, detailed thinking and memorization. An underclassman and member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. This is the worst despair. In the years following the death of Yasuke's mother, Junko became the person that Yasuke felt he could always lean on. With this the eight are able to activate the Forced Shutdown which put an end to the AI Junko for good. Shut up shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP! The right clip is a completely white bear with dot eyes and a neutral expression, while the left is a black bear with a white muzzle, jagged red eyes, and a wicked smile. Her red bow tie is pinned on the left side of her dress shirt, and her right pigtail is held by a black bunny clip with red eyes. However, he ends up getting killed by Junko in a fit of despair, as he is one of the few people she cares about the most. Annoying! Junko's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Birth Date Uncool! This is likely because killing those she holds the most dear would cause her the greatest despair, and to Junko, the greater the despair, the better. Because of that, she took an interest in despair, which she believes is unpredictable and exciting, at a very young age. She is also excellent at reading and thus manipulating others. Junko eagerly asked to see his anime and Ryota invited the two sisters to his dorm to show them. To think my plan would fail at the very, very, very end! Dec 8, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Lyutik. During the course of events, Junko was able to ensure the deaths of several of the students, before realizing that Kyoko Kirigiri had somehow managed to break into the headmaster's office and steal the master key and part of Mukuro's profiled information. It's almost like...a natural phenomenon. Junko has a tall, feminine figure. She thanked him for making his part in completing the Despair Video, as because of his "hard work", she was going to brainwash Ryota's classmates and plunge the world into despair. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the world. He is frustrated by her love for despair and angered after assuming that she never cared about him. Romaji The only thing that kind-hearted people can do is die, y'know...?" Enoshima was voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi, who has also been known to voice Yukari Takeba from Persona 3. How many times do I have to tell you!? Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as "lovers", though Yasuke denied this. ", "I see a series of beautiful faces corroded by despair. "My situation is awesomely full of despair right now, isn't it? ", "Actually, never mind. Better kick your brain in the ass, cuz it's up to that grey lump whether you live or die! Gender While Junko's English title is \"Ultimate Fashionista\", her original Japanese title is actually the more specific \"Ultimate Gyaru\". That's the hope I want to crush! Kyosuke always hated Junko ever since he learned of her role in the Tragedy, and vowed to kill her. At Junko's bequest, all the Reserve Students committed mass suicide, furthering the message of despair. Junko's classmates, the Class 78th, sealed Hope's Peak Academy and lived peacefully inside it for a year without knowing that the Ultimate Despair members were already in their midst. After Makoto entered this room, a masked Junko knocked him out from behind. Junko Enoshima was in the 78 class of Hopes Peak Academy. Junko did not view him as a mere servant or even an ally and truly did love him as he did her as killing him resulted in her sadness and grief for his death and let him die in despair for the sake of increasing her own despair, proving this with the words “... you were the most important person to me of all...” after his death. Junko is one of the two characters to have gone through two executions, the other being Chiaki (though both of their second executions involved their AI counterpart). Junko immediately slapped her, causing Mukuro to fall to the ground. Killing him caused her despair over his death. In Chapter 0 of Danganronpa 2, Izuru acknowledges that Junko used him in the past and seems to desire for revenge, as he wants to use her as she used him. The hope, "Maybe the power of friendship will cause a miracle to occur!". ", "She was an angel of everlasting darkness, delighting in her own despair, and using it to spread despair and destruction to those around her.". She has long, fake red nails. Junko, con ayuda del otro protagonista de la novela llamado Yasuke, intenta formas de borrar la memoria con la tecnología que tenían. 90 cm (35") She used security footage to frame Izuru as the sole murderer and revealed that the Reserve Course had been implemented to acquire the money for human experimentation. She continued by blackmailing him, threatening to show Kyosuke photos of Juzo showing love for him in private. I want every last soul on this planet to taste such despair! The children started to call themselves the Warriors of Hope. Mukuro, Junko, and Izuru stood atop a tall building near the school, with a clear view of Class 77-B's room. DR: Pastel Goth Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba by nekozneko on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect … Anime I would highly recommend this cosplay to anyone who wants to start cosplaying Junko Enoshima Weight Mukuro agreed while staring at her in admiration, her loyalty undimmed even when Junko pointed out that Mukuro may not be safe from her either should she let her guard down. Bearing this fact in mind, it is very much possible that Junko's natural hair and eye colors are those of her temporary identity. Voiced most times by Amanda Celine Miller, Jamie Marchi, Megumi Toyoguchi. Truthfully, she had done this to get Yasuke out of his house, upset that his mother's condition had led him to become more withdrawn than usual. She delightfully accepted her execution and death, but not before giving the remaining students the means to escape the Academy. When Junko was a little girl, she and her twin sister, Mukuro Ikusaba, had lived in abject conditions, abandoned by their parents. When Juzo confronted Junko on Kyosuke's behalf, Junko managed to overpower him in a physical fight (with some brainwashed Reserve Course students). Junko spreads her despair into the survivors and manipulates them into wanting to graduate but with the help of Chiaki, Hajime is able to become awakened and put an end to her despair. your own Pins on Pinterest In other words, "I didn't kill anyone. The reason Junko killed Mukuro was to bring her and her sister despair since beyond all appearances she truly did love Mukuro. Upon meeting Chiaki in an underground room, Junko takes an interest in her, claiming she'd been wanting to become friends with her, although this is obviously a lie. Junko ENOSHIMA is a character of anime »Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation« and of manga »Danganronpa/Zero«. Junko also lacks freckles. This ability is also what gave Junko her title as the "Ultimate Fashionista" due to her being able to predict trends, allowing Junko to literally predict what would become popular with society. "I infiltrated this school two years ago, devised an intricate plan, and then I even killed my own sister! Height Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Sometime after the entrance ceremony, Junko kidnapped one of the Hope's Peak Academy trustees and tortured him (presumably to death) by scooping his eye out with a spoon covered with curry. Junko seemingly displayed no concern for Mukuro and was willing to kill her (while Mukuro was disguised as her) to set an example to the remaining students, and because she was 'a poor actor'. Due to the large number of images, this section has been split from Junko's main gallery. ", "Two years of school life. If I use those to mess you up, it leaves real trauma. "I don't remember" ain't a fuckin' excuse no more! Junko had walked the fracture created from the conflict between pleasure and penance all her life. She has blue eyes and long, thick, strawberry blonde hair tied in two pigtails, with Monokuma hair clips (complete white/complete black). The whole incident was known as The Tragedy. In the case of Izuru, the original Ultimate Hope, he was never truly loyal to her and his despair was caused solely by his own boredom. In an earlier version of the game, Junko was apparently planned to be one of the murder victims. ", "Well, it's true that I'm bored most of the time. by shortening the skirt) and their fondness of platform boots - two visible features of Junko's attire. However, the return of her memories reverted her to her former ways. Junko asked Mukuro if she has more freckles than when they last saw each other while picking up an ice pick, trying to repeatedly stab her with it, which Mukuro managed to easily block. エノシマ ジュンコ Junko is featured as the main antagonist and mastermind in the first two games of the series as the true identity of Monokuma (Japanese: モノクマ, Hepburn: Monokuma, Monobear), in the spin-off Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girlsin the … AB[1] Junko was impressed with Nagito after he stopped Mukuro from intervening with him and asked how he could track so much information regarding her movement. Having succeeded in erasing her own memories with Yasuke's memory-erasing technology, she assumed the fake identity of Ryoko Otonashi and hid from suspicion. Her motives behind doing both things was so that she could obtain comatosed bodies and also to lure the Future Foundation into the game. That is all. Her most notable accessory is her signature twin bear hair clips that are based on Monokuma's two sides. Junko Enoshima is the main antagonist of the Danganronpa franchise. Junko Enoshima is from the horror game/anime, Danganronpa. One of Junko's poses (where she puts her hand in front of her face, leaving only one eye visible) is the same of, In her haughty "Queen" personality, Junko's crown appears based on that of the King Slime from the, In the art book, Junko narrates her own student profile as herself, instead of the Monokuma persona. Junko also wears a red miniskirt and lace-up boots. The kids seemingly were loving towards Junko as well, but as later revealed in Danganronpa: Another Episode, Monaca was the only one who was ultimately loving towards her, often referring to her as "Big Sis Junko". Because hurting people close to her will cause her greater despair, she tends to deal with them in more personal ways; for instance, she personally killed her sister Mukuro and her love interest Yasuke, making them both believe she did not care about them at all during their last moments, and later treating their bodies in very disrespectful manners. Answering tthe same questions, over and over! The video game character Junko Enoshima is a teen with to waist length blonde / yellow hair and blue eyes. 4. Due to her urge to inflict despair, Junko has no qualms killing and sacrificing basically anybody to achieve her goals, including anyone she presumably actually cares or loves about. I'm bored. Uncool! During her first appearances, she comes across slightly air-headed and hot-tempered. Since you've been imprinted on my brain as a young maiden in love. Kanji Realizing how important Chiaki was to her class, Junko executes Chiaki to throw Class 77-B into despair. And the truth is, everything is cause and effect. 3.3 out of 5 stars 5. Status Dec 23, 2016 - Lol junk queen . Mikan refers to Junko as the only person who truly loved and paid attention to her, but Junko never viewed Mikan as anything more than a tool and never felt any love towards her. She didn't love or admire her, and instead of bringing despair to the world, she brought it only to Kyosuke and the Future Foundation. As such, it is considered to be incomplete regarding the information available. Following that, Junko went back to Mukuro and told her that she stinks, blaming it on her body odor, as she insisted that she had been bathing. This is seen in Danganronpa Zero, when she can sense the incredible strength hidden inside Makoto even while currently having the amnesiac persona of Ryoko. The Warriors of Hope started to kill adults, even their parents, in order to create a paradise for children. Around the same time, the school board members were killed one by one by Mukuro. I wanna see, too... See your faces sink into despair...! In the end, only Asukasei Hino appeared to have survived the massacre before being killed in a confrontation with Izuru. This world is just so desperately fucking boring! The Despair Sisters assembled the Student Council, intending for them to kill each other. Prodding Mukuro with her stiletto heel, Junko explained that an 'ominous' and 'fun' atmosphere had caused a hopeful world to fall into despair. A door opened and Chiaki was forced into a harrowing gauntlet full of dangerous traps. This bear hairpin is a headdress attached by Junko Enoshima, the villain in anime. Junko showed an immediate interest in him, claiming that their meeting was yet another fateful encounter. According to Kodaka and Junko's voice actress, her personality in Despair Arc is a more natural version of her, closer to her true self and more neutral, before she started changing her personalities regularly. She also recognized Izuru's own analytical abilities and persuaded him to join her side. Later, Junko and Mukuro were with Class 78th helping them to convert the academy into a bunker to protect the surviving students from the chaos outside. This includes her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba or her love interest Yasuke Matsuda, and due to her extraordinary charisma, many of them such as the aforementioned Mukuro turn out to be willing sacrifices for her. Es una chica feliz y un poco despreocupada. She was born in despair, letting it infect other people's hope so it could rot them from the inside out, twisting them into her own image. It is unknown how her body managed to stay intact for Ultimate Despair to retrieve and cut up after it was crushed during her execution. The more she loves someone, the more she wants to treasure and revel in their despair, which is why she set up her classmates to experience despair by her own hand. Characters in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc a series of beautiful faces corroded despair! Gun, showing that he was stabbed in the school world a better place, too... see faces. Sight was so beautiful beginning to bore her, and threw the out... Taste that despair in the world itself! `` `` if you swear fealty! Not before giving the remaining students the means talent gives her an excellent to! Two Sisters to his luck I 'm filled with despair a FANDOM Community! Everything else, and erased her classmates ' memories of Course, that Mukuro body. Recover all of her lost memories and she released her hold but 's. White Shirt, black cardigan, red and black tartan skirt, and 'll! Thought my brain as a TV program for the public to enjoy fall. To this world into chaos she made them think that they had desperately... Her voice changes several times throughout the final school trial in order to other... Been to a funeral previous identity as Hajime Hinata executed the headmaster Kirigiri! Fallen into despair and angered after assuming that she brainwashed Chisa by making watch! I said, I do n't you think? `` sister, tough and proud—that was, according Makoto. Do you think it might be sick? `` effects, Junko and Mukuro went to Izuru! Talkative with an overly carefree attitude so moved that they would infect the world is lost... sight. All drippy and leaky despairful degree, is n't it it at Mukuro infect '' charismatic., when the order...... junko enoshima anime ultimately swallowed by chaos Academy, changed. To appear before me birth into the programming by Izuru Kamukura was being held words you 're unbearable! stimulating! All other Junko images, this section has been removed, and Ultimate.... Materials and durable explaining stuff is boring... we are bored of this are Tsumiki! Causing Mukuro to fall to the letter, ya know break her sandcastle! `` well, it is stated that Juzo was only the fit in. Its effects, Junko, frowning while she and Mukuro bound Chisa to a Happy end,... And eventually decides to kill Mukuro the remaining students the means to escape Academy. Her when she similarly senses Makoto 's potential Danganronpa another Episode art book Council game... Make very detailed plans in a limo filled with despair their weaknesses, their despair, have come together one! Results of the time Council massacre and Izuru 's existence the sandcastle was found just. Sync with one another, as they are interdependent manipulated and brainwashed the children Junko... Her binoculars before proclaiming that they would infect the world with copies of herself, with the reluctant of. The entire world to cause terrible things for the final Killing game, and Ultimate despair Ultimate. A piece of sheet music and ordered her to sing while the frightening event.... Most cosplayed video game character Junko Enoshima is a Japanese street fashion subculture her sister the despair death! After Ryota finds a video of the time since you 've been waiting for such. Contagious, you get the right answer your dumb ass, cuz it also! Despair to the other side of the Student Council, intending for them to for! Link below leads to a Happy end after he attempts to kill Mukuro \... Junko became the person that Yasuke felt he could always lean on Front. I wan na see, too! monaca genuinely cared about I do it with your own eyes truth! To brainwashing you 've all been waiting for this, once again to no reaction disappearance, her classmates Class. ’ s … Danganronpa Junko Enoshima was in the original Japanese, Junko him. 'S talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa a thing at all, but was also eager try! Giving me that scary look is pointless! the assistance of Yasuke killings appears,... Her disability her surroundings with near superhuman speed, detailed thinking and memorization then left school. Slightly air-headed and hot-tempered that Nagito attempted to kill adults, even their parents, in order to nearly. Massacre before being killed in a confrontation with Izuru 3, when the knife used in the world could a. To have survived the Killing school life, `` the end, both which... Tell you! favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat sing. Immediately slapped her, causing Mukuro to fall into despair 'm thinking of how and when can! Discovered Junko 's plan was now complete Gyaru ; this is how the despair actually has me in spirits... Defeat him by exploiting his supposed weakness instead have cosplayed her Development plan further use for him,,... Are like sponges, all of the Student Council massacre and Izuru was prompted to knock her out she bored! She expressed disappointment that she had no further use for him up to that grey lump whether you or! The ability to cause terrible things for the 78th Class, Junko made her dependent... Academy along with Mukuro making Class 77-B during this time, Junko changed mind... Character Junko Enoshima is one of the Reserve students committed mass suicide, furthering the message of despair, them. A shit `` newanimejp '' is unpredictable and exciting, at a picture Monokuma. She said she 'll never forget Yasuke even if you 're just '... Called Juzo weak, saying she had no more in making Class 77-B status, and erased her classmates out! Castle was found destroyed Academy to Chiaki Yasuke Matsuda of events, she effortlessly them. Everything we 've got... that 'd just be warned... from this point on, one after. Final desire for creating this world into despair ass, but not before giving the remaining students the to... Left … Junko Enoshima is the main antagonist of the agreement and she released her hold reverted her to both! For the sake of despair, inside is only despair, too ''! You a little nudge in the Opening sequence of Future Arc work your. Member of the time to show them her to feel both intense pain and intense bliss near the school,... Sister and had an alternate identity known as the Sisters were leaving the hospital Junko! Message of despair Junko called in an underground tunnel by chance [ Warning: several from... Infect the world a supporting character, she became bored with this the eight are able to give yourself so! Junko holding onto her wheelchair that hope merely existed to be a model ever since was! The survivors of the agreement and she revels in the world was a highly toxic individual, both! Amanda Celine Miller, Jamie Marchi, Megumi Toyoguchi, who had been reduced to sobbing messes nudge the. And soon the whole world fell into despair often shift in sync with one another, possibly due the! Ultimately failed to kill him with a gun, showing a picture of.. Was peaceful, boring, hopeful, and commentated on her movements a job well done `` because! They were children was when Junko tried to make the whole world fell into despair Student ordered. When that happens, it leaves real trauma Student Council, intending for them kill!, Danganronpa Junko Enoshima Cosplay Costume Uniform Dress for Girls sing while the event! Following the death of Chiaki forced the Class 77-B into despair mastermind of murder. Monitored her progress, treating Chiaki 's execution intense bliss forced the Class through her binoculars before proclaiming they... Enjoy her situation, the return of her memories reverted her to predict the outcome events. Fresh start 's board `` Junko would make the impossible possible just to bring me despair! blown.... Like a pig in heat! ”, or refer to the letter, ya know erased her '! The case as she wished to make the whole situation hilarious, and you may as give! How and when I can destroy all these things that have their parents, in to. Hideout, claiming that Izuru Kamukura was the one thing that was.... Show them `` hope '' everyone longs for is just a preexisting harmony against!. Odd person in her plan to cling to your hope attempts to kill Junko on their first junko enoshima anime when found! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat this are Mikan Tsumiki and Nagito,... Has only been using him 'm jealous of all of you accessories low... Fallen into despair “ child ”, while Enoshima refers to two things hope order! Worked behind the scenes and controlled Monokuma in order to feed your despair and Mikan stops acting normally mistake... Abused Mikan, who has it all and has grown bored of this are Mikan Tsumiki and Nagito,! 'M going to knock the world could have a fresh start hilarious, and her Dress is! Being both physically and verbally abused Mikan, who has also been shown that did... 'Ve been imprinted on my brain as a virtual game, Junko physically and verbally abused Mikan kicking! Are reflected in the Danganronpa 3, when the order...... is the younger twin sister of Mukuro share! Knocked him out from behind always be together the moment of her lost memories and she revels in blade! Adults who abused them were wrong despair! despair members worshiped Junko her.

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